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Frankly, the default music player app on Windows Phone 8. Moreover, Android has a slew of great music player apps and music streaming apps you can choose from. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, all of them are vastly superior than their Windows Phone counterparts. The flow typing, auto correction, suggestions and its learning are way better than Android.

Yes, the fingerprint scanner is now supported natively by Android but not all devices come with one yet.


Transfer of WhatsApp chats to Android : windowsphone

Here are some things I love about Android: You can have a widget to show detailed battery, data usage, weather and more. You can change the whole look of the OS, thanks to various third party launchers.

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Then there are icon packs , third party lockscreen apps and more. On the other hand, Android 5. The colours, aesthetics and animations look and feel amazing on Android. Apps Well, this is quite obvious but I can now finally get hands on with the latest apps that are announced instead of waiting for them. Third party apps are equally great and developers make sure their apps are up to date, which makes up for a great experience. Looking for Android Alternative? So, have you been thinking of moving from Windows Phone to Android? If so, let us know your experience in the comments section below.

The final nail was the announcement by Microsoft that there will be no OS only security updates. Such a shame as I loved my Windows 10 phone.

How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone

Onward and upward as they say. Also made my switch now as I had an android tablet. The camera was the big reason why I stayed and followed Nokia for soooo many years, but now I moved to samsung even if it was hard. I am not alone here. Bidding farewell to windows mobile NOT only me but my wife, brother, in-laws etc who started using windows phone by my recommendation.

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I happen to hard reset my phone for each and every updates… it will be challenging to face my friends with whom I had argued for windows phone quality for a long time but yes, I am moving. I have also finally decided to bid farewell to Windows Phone. My gets plenty of updates, but usually updates should make it better. It generally starts becoming buggy and requires a hard reset.

Migrate whatsapp msgs from Windows phone to Android phone

After paying a premium for the device, I started thinking things should work when I need them to work. I really like the OneDrive feature with picture uploads, Word, Excel, etc. Microsoft made my decision easier by supporting other operating systems.

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Very informative article for me. The first app to transfer Whatsapp files Quickly transfer all types of files: Can transfer: Transfer the WhatsApp backup to your Android device You can copy the file with the system that you prefer: How to copy Whatsapp backup.

How to move WhatsApp chats from Windows Phone to Android

Let the magic begin! What our customers say The reviews of our users. Nancy Elvira January 29, Sven Mantwill January 16, Patrick McSomething January 15, WinWazzapMigrator App screenshots. How can we help you? Write us to receive support.

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