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On iTunes You should find your iPhone in the sidebar on iTunes under "Devices. Finally, pick up the. Your tone will then automatically sync with your iPhone and, when finished, will be accessible from your iPhone's settings. Skip to Step 9 to learn what you can do with it. As said above, if you're using iTunes You won't be able to simply add your file directly to your iPhone, as these versions of iTunes have an individual "Tones" section.

You have to place your tone here. Select "Music" in the top-left corner of the display, then click "Tones. If your tone is on your Desktop, just pick it up and place it back in the Tones section in iTunes. If you found it using "Show in Finder," just right-click on your tone, then select "Duplicate. You don't want to leave behind the small mess you made in order to set yourself up for text tones.

So, delete the duplicated shortened clip in the Music section, then go back to the original song and delete the start and stop times.

How to Set Text Message Ringtone in Android

If you already did this, you're all set. If you want to skip the cables and wirelessly sync your iPhone with iTunes, make sure the connection is set up ahead of time. Otherwise, plug your iPhone into your computer. If you don't see your iPhone right away, click the "iPhone" button in the top-left corner of the display to head to the Summary screen. Now, select "Tones" in the left-hand sidebar.

How to Make Text Message Ringtones for iPhone/Android

If this is the first time you've synced ringtones or text tones to your iPhone, you need to check "Sync Tones," then "All tones" or "Selected tones" from the options. If you choose the second option, make sure the tones you need are checked. Finally, click "Sync. If everything went well, you should find your tone on your iPhone. Unfortunately, since you cannot differentiate between custom ringtones and text tones, your tones will be listed under the Ringtones section at the bottom. Your custom sounds will appear above the stock ringtones.

You can even assign this custom text tone to specific contacts. Open each contact page, tap "Edit," select "Alert Tone," and select your custom sound. More Info: Tap "Add" to open your file manager app on your Android and choose the ringtone you just have transferred.

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Well, it is done. Now, you can set the ringtone as your message tones or other ringtones as you like. By now, we have introduced you how to make text message ringtones for iPhone and Android. You can make your own ringtones eaisly and quickly by following our ideas. If you have better way to make text message ringtones, just tell us.

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Anyway, good luck to you. May 25, Want to get the free music ringtones for Android or iPhone?

Want to find a WiFi texting app to text others through WiFi without paying any money? You can read this article and find the best WiFi texting app. How to recover deleted files from iPhone? The post introduces you with one best way to help you get back the deleted files from iPhone. I'm glad toggling the bluetooth on and off fixed the problem. I'm going to update the post to make this suggestion easier to find in the article text.

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Do you by chance connect your phone to a BT enabled car? We've definitely seen the BT sound connection stay connected even after turning off and leaving the car for some models. We wrote it up here in case you're interested. I did all reboots, checked all were on correctly multiple times..


Come on Apple fix this! Seems every time there is an update something else stops working.

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  5. Is this a coincidence or a way to increase sales.. Okay after just reading multiple people with same problem on internet just found a fix, go to Bluetooth turn off , then try going to the person who sent you the text that did not sound, click on the top of their info you will see audio, facetime and info.. I clicked on info and hide alerts was on..

    Iphone SMS sound pack

    Never had issues prior on all our phones! I definitely understand the frustration with iOS Messages alerts: I'm glad to hear you were able to find that the Hide Alerts was accidentally on for that contact and get it fixed! Decipher Tools. Decipher Backup Repair Fix broken backups that won't restore in iTunes. Decipher Backup Browser Export photos, notes, contacts, voice memos, or any file from your iPhone backup. Decipher Phone Refresh Clean an iPhone backup to start fresh only restoring what you want. Decipher VoiceMail Save and export your iPhone voicemail history.

    Decipher Chat Save and print WhatsApp messages, including attachments.

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