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As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery. Android Apps Round-Up. Take Control from Your Android Device We're not yet at the point where one device can rule over everything, but we're getting awfully close — especially when it comes to controlling your TV set.

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Slide 5 of Slide 6 of Mi Remote Free Free download. Slide 7 of Slide 8 of The interface itself is really fast and responsive.

Turn Your Phone Into a Universal Remote

The PC control function is also neat, allowing you to use your smartphone to control your PC's mouse and keyboard, which is really useful for those who use home theater PCs in their setup. Peel is the remote that typically comes pre-installed on your IR blaster-equipped Android device. Peel is certainly no slouch, and if you don't seem to have it already, you can grab it for free.

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Peel is touted as a "smart remote," and it certainly does a great job of that. By inputting your cable provider, not only can you control your TV and set-top box, you can also view the channel guide and select a program right from your Android device. Once you're in, you'll have to set up information about your primary TV service provider. If you don't use anything, you can just choose the antenna result for your area code. Peel will also keep track of what you're watching and recommend shows for you that are airing now, which you can tap to be instantly taken to the channel it's airing on.

That said, if you're a cord cutter , this app's guide features won't be very useful to you. However, the app's ability to control your Roku or Apple TV streaming box might still be important functions. The app also recommends TV shows and movies on streaming services, so you can still get some value out of that. The interface is pretty nice, and it is very responsive.

The buttons aren't customizable, but they are tuned to your specific device, so it isn't much of an issue.

How to use your smartphone as a TV remote

They are very responsive and look like real remote buttons, which is a nice bonus, and you can even set up different rooms, like in AF Smart Remote. SURE is one of the highest rated remote apps on Google Play because it's super easy to set up, controls any device you can imagine, and you can even use it with a smartphone that doesn't have an IR blaster though, you'd need to buy a Wi-Fi-to-IR controller. However, it's a yearly subscription fee, which isn't that clear when checking out.

All other features are free, of course. To get started, just open up the app and add a new infrared or Wi-Fi device.

Set up the remote control app

We set up an iSymphony TV and got it connected in under a minute. There are only two themes to choose from: You can also customize your remote with a list of favorite buttons by long-pressing the pencil icon. There is even support for Amazon Alexa. We thought that was rather forward thinking.

It also means that Google Home isn't the only app here with support for a personal assistant app. It's a tad rough around the edges. However, you can try it before you buy it. Twinone Universal Remote is one of the better free TV remote apps.

10 best TV remote apps for Android - Android Authority

It features a simple design. You should have no problems using it once you set it up. It should also work for most TVs and set-top boxes. There is even support for some devices that don't fit into those categories. Right now, the only bad part is the advertising. Twinone doesn't provide a way to get rid of them. We'd like to possibly see a paid version in the future to accommodate that.

Otherwise, this one isn't half bad. Here are some more app lists you might enjoy! Unified Remote Price: Unified Remote is one of the more unique remote apps.

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  • Take Control from Your Android Device.

It's useful for controlling one's computer. There is support for PC, Mac, and Linux. It also comes with a keyboard and a mouse for better input control. It's also great for Raspberry Pi devices, Arduino Yun devices, and more. The free version has a little over a dozen remotes along with most of the features. The paid version comes with everything, including 90 remotes, NFC support, Android Wear support, and more.

Xbox Price: The Xbox app is a perfectly good remote app. It allows you to access many parts of Xbox Live. That includes messages, achievements, the news feed, and more. There is also a remote built-in. You can use it to navigate the interface, open apps, and more. Many people use their Xbox as an all-in-one entertainment package.

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  5. Those people can use this app to make it a little easier. Kodi Remote Control Price: Yatse is one of the go-to remote apps for Kodi. It has a boat load of features. You can cast media to your streaming devices if needed. It also has native support for Plex and Emby servers. You can access an offline library, control Kodi in its entirety, and it even has support for Muzei and DashClock.

    We're only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things this app can do. However, this is best used on something like a home theater PC connected to your TV. You can try it out for free. You'll get every feature if you go pro.

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