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This is where the password managers come into the picture.

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A password manager aka password vault, password keeper can remember your credentials by storing them in an encrypted form and provide the details whenever required. This is way better than writing down your credentials in a notebook or some text file, only to be read by someone or compromised by a hacker. It is a hardware-based option which is primarily used to store biometrics such as fingerprints, retina, etc. Nowadays, many password managers offer cross-platform support. So, we access their data locally, as well as over the internet.

LastPass is a well-known name as one of the top-rated password manager apps for Windows out there. It offers cross-platform support while storing password details on its cloud servers. What makes LastPass stand in the line for the best free password manager software for Windows and other platforms is its existence in the digital world for almost a decade. Also, the users can download the LastPass Windows app from Microsoft Store to manage their account outside the browsers. Its feature set is slightly limited when compared with other best free password managers included in this list.

However, KeePass supports common password manager features such as form autofill, two factors authentication, etc. It also includes a built-in password generator tool. Another name in the list of the best free password manager is Sticky Password. It provides support for all the popular web browsers. Just like many other free password vault apps, Sticky Password also comes in a paid version that adds an extra set of features including cloud backup, cross-device sync, priority support, etc. The free password manager Roboform is also the one blessed with a neat and clean interface and great looks.

Other than being one of the best password manager apps, Roboform is also one of the oldest. It was first released in The free version of this password vault allows users to store unlimited passwords, automatically fill web forms, single-click logins for website and apps, etc. There is a paid version available which like other password managers provides some extra benefits such as cloud sync.

Roboform also lets users share their login credentials safely. The password management software has a tool to intelligently calculate the strength of your passwords. Dashlane is a beautifully designed password manager app that protects user credentials using AES bit encryption and stores them locally. The Dashlane app also doubles up as a digital wallet to store credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. It has a dedicated interface to change multiple passwords with ease.

You can go for the Premium option which extends the device limit to unlimited and also enables cross-device syncing and cloud backup among other extra features. Dashlane is also a known name like LastPass. It supports web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. TrueKey can be a great password vault app because of its simplicity and various sign-in methods including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc. These multi-factor authentication options are a bonus when security is concerned.

Mostly, the master password is used by password managers to protect login credentials, but with TrueKey, you can easily get away with having the master key and use one of your devices for authentication. This free password keeper app also comes with a password generator and a digital wallet to store personal information.

The data related to your login credentials are encrypted and stored locally but synced across devices on which the password manager is used.

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It also includes one-click functionality to automatically change your weak passwords analyzing in the password strength reports. Users have a choice, either to create a passwordless account or add a master password. Further, the free version of this password vault also allows the addition of a beneficiary which will receive the control of the account if something happens to the user.

Norton Identify Safe has all the quality of a basic password manager app. But what makes Norton Identity Safe a good free password manager is that there is no paid version of this password manager tool. So, there is no cutting of benefits. The iOS app works well. LastPass segments your entries into passwords, notes, addresses, credit cards and bank accounts. It can support many other entry types, too, and you can create a new one in the iOS app. You can attach notes, files and voice recordings to any entry, as well. Audio notes and photo attachments can also be created in the app.

Your vault is fully accessible from Apple Watch, too. You can add new entries, search for existing ones and view items without taking out your phone. Apple Watch can also be used for LastPass Authenticator. LastPass is browser-based for desktops, meaning you can use it anywhere Chrome or Firefox can be installed. The web interface is excellent, displaying your entries like tiles.

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New categories are automatically generated when you add new entries in them. Pricing is another strength, or, rather, the lack of it. LastPass shines with its free plan. If you want to use LastPass as an individual, the free plan is your best bet.

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There is an argument for purchasing a Team or Business plan, though, as both provide significant value considering their price. You can learn more about those in our LastPass review or sign up for a free account to try it. Keeper is a cheap, secure password manager that shines on iOS. The interface is one of the most attractive for Apple users, with a customizable color scheme and logical layout.

The bottom of the user interface has a large plus icon that you can use to add new entries to your vault. Entries can further be organized into subfolders. What you can do with an entry is impressive.

Best Overall

You can attach files, photos and videos to any entry and add as many custom fields as you want. You can also take a photo or video while adding an entry, too, making it easy to tie a passport photo to your passport entry, for example. It uses IoT devices to verify your identity, which is a huge plus for Apple users. You can use your Apple Watch as a means of authentication without having to enter a second factor code, too. Messages are encrypted before being sent, and you can set a self-destruct timer on highly sensitive ones. It maintains a private media gallery, too. We like Keeper most for its features, pricing and support.

Your data, for as long as you choose, is backed up automatically and synced across devices. Family plans come with 10GB of secure storage, which is also synced between devices. You can purchase more storage space, but the rate is high. The desktop application is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

You can learn more about it in our Keeper review or sign up for a free trial to use it yourself.

RoboForm is, undoubtedly, the easiest iOS password manager to use. It has an app-like interface reminiscent of icons on iOS devices. It has been updated for iOS 12 to support password auto-fill, too. RoboForm can store passwords, credit cards and identities, and you can use form auto-fill to enter information automatically when signing up for an account online or filling in a shipping form. RoboForm offers a free plan you can use on iOS, too. You get extra features, too, such as offline access on your devices and cloud backup.

RoboForm can store application passwords in addition to accounts. You can use it to automatically fill in your passwords in desktop applications, which is a huge time saver. When we tested it, browser capture, form fill and application fill worked without issues. It has excellent security, too. That protects against brute force and dictionary attacks if your vault is compromised.

RoboForm has a long list of settings, almost too many for the average user. You can learn more in our RoboForm review or sign up for a free account. You can learn more about that in our iCloud review. Safari will also suggest strong passwords. Adding or editing a password is horrible, though. As with many Apple services, Keychain is meant to appear like magic, meaning true editing capabilities are revoked or hidden deep in the settings.

Using it on other devices is impossible, too. All your devices will have to be in the Apple ecosystem to use it. The hurdle for auto-fill on mobile devices has been massive for password managers, but the release of iOS 12 makes it easier than ever to use them on your Apple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Best Password Manager for iPhone 12222

If you want to go the free and easy route, iCloud Keychain works. That said, it lacks the scope of other password managers, making it a poor, almost impractical, choice if you have cohabitating operating systems. Our first pick to bypass that issue, and gain access to an impressive list of features, is 1Password. While our selections have their strengths, 1Password has the most well-rounded feature set at a reasonable price. What password manager are you using on your iOS device?

Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading. Table of Contents. Inexpensive Easy to use Travel Mode. No free plan. Visit 1Password.

Dashlane Review. Visit Dashlane. Excellent free plan Unlimited entries Multi-device sync. Mediocre personal plan. LastPass Review. Visit LastPass.

Excellent support KeeperChat Support for many browsers. Mediocre desktop interface. Keeper Review.

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