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There are special circumstances under which it is safe to use a cellular device. If you see a hazardous driver swerving or driving erratically, safely pull over with your hazard lights on and call Gather as many details as you can, including the direction in which the car was going, the street it was on, and the make and model of the vehicle.

Knowing the license plate number can help too. Do NOT call if you spot someone using their phone who is not displaying dangerous driving behaviour.

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Instead, call your local police's non-emergency line to report it. Find the number for your area on your local police services website. Driving always requires your full attention. Here are some distracted driving solutions provided to help make your drive safer:. Plan Your Route — Planning your route should occur before getting in the car so you have a good handle on where you're going and how you're going to get there. Plan how much time you'll need to reach your destination, road closures to avoid and best time to leave. If you will be using a GPS system, program your route prior to starting the car.

If your GPS can call out the turns, you should have it set to do so. Have the volume set so you can hear the instructions and do not need to glance down to view the GPS. Put your Cell Phone Away — Cell phones should be out of your reach. Reduce the temptation by keeping it out of sight, like in the trunk or in a bag, and turn the ringer off. Most smartphones can now be setup to send an auto reply when you receive a text or phone call.

Passengers — Passengers in your vehicle is a common distraction, as a result, graduated licensing in some provinces limits the number of passengers that are allowed with a younger driver. Silence will also help when deciding what the safest actions to take are. Having passengers in your car differs from talking on the phone because the person on the other end of the phone will not know when to be quiet as they are unable to spot any safety risks. Eating and Drinking — It's best to avoid eating and drinking while driving.

Talking on cell phones came in fifth, with 78 percent annoyed by the practice. Saskatchewan drivers ranked distracted driving above impaired driving as a roadway danger.

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The new driving rules take effect Jan. The MLA for Yellowknife Centre is among a handful of legislators who had been pushing for a distracted driving law in the Northwest Territory. About 87 percent of Yukoners approved of a the ban against use of hand-held cell phones while driving, transportation officials said just before the vote was taken. The study of 1, drivers found that 94 percent wanted other hand-held electronic devices devices outlawed as well.

More distracted driving notes background: In Saskatchewan in , there were about 8, collisions linked to distracted driving, with 60 deaths and about 2, injuries. Total ban on cell phones: The Canadian Automobile Association is convinced that driving while using a hands-free cell phone is no safer than driving with a handheld cell phone. Cell phone poll: Canadians remain split over the need to outlaw cell phone use while driving, with about half of those polled supporting outright bans.

Forty-two percent were opposed. New drivers also will be prohibited from any cell phone use. Regina, Saskatchewan, police say they wrote almost tickets for cell phone use in The market research company Angus Reid says 88 percent of Canadians surveyed were supportive of a ban on use of hand-held cell phones by drivers.

Editorials, opinion: Motorists who like their phones may grumble at first, but surely they will adjust. There is no control over all of this tech, and getting dead over someone ordering a pizza or just yacking. But I was busy on my cell phone. Cell phone deaths will increase … cell phone owners should have insurance coverage to cover them when they kill someone. I work underground in a mine its safer than driving to work with people on their phones. Hope they make a change in law. So, why do they only ban hand-held phones? First they win by fooling the public into thinking they care about safety.

Second, they win by collecting tons of money in fines. And thirdly, they win by collecting taxes on all the transactions that flow from a traffic crashes caused by distracted driving. Following misguided information. Texting and driving is not dangerous. I can drive circles around anyone while texting, drinking a coffee and shifting gears. Once I was driving to work and all the sudden I looked up to find a man pull right in front of me, which does happen all the time but then I saw that he was on his cellphone and that just made me mad.

I am just done with it. I am very happy with these new laws! I just lost one of my best friends on Sunday night outside Leduc, Alberta. He was 21 and talking on the phone while driving.

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He hit ice and the car began to skid and roll several times. Macx was ONLY 21 …. We, his friends are now realizing, unfortunately, we are not invincible and that in a second our lives can be over … all because of something as preventable as talking on the phone. Its really pathetic that anybody can die because of the stupid rules and law. I will totally blame the goverment. If they keep the rules flexible, then everybody will use them. I started recording licence numbers of offenders back in Oct then entering the info onto an Excel speadsheet. If you wish to add more offenders to the list please visit my website.

This list will be sent to various law agencies and the Ministry of Transportion. Where do I call to report people and submit their license plate numbers when I see them talking on their cell phones while driving. Im in Ontario. Well, just got a dollar fine from a motorcycle cop for sending a quick text to a friend waiting for me at a coffee shop while at a red light. The cop told me that if my phone was in a cradle it would have been okay, so apparently having to lean over to the dash and text is safer than just typing okay to my friend on the phone in my lap. Of course they came up with that exception so that cops can type away on their mounted computers and phones in their squad cars.

It just seems like another cash grab to me by cash strapped governments that have an insatiable lust for money for pet projects like useless 25 million dollar bicycle lanes in downtown Vancouver. The bitterest pill to swallow was the cop and his partner were illegally lane splitting between cars when he looked into my car.

Ridiculous, frustrating, and sad. As for other communications devices, specifically two-way radios commercial, CB, Ham , their use is quite different from talking on a cellphone or texting. Most two-way conversations are brief and sporadic — the mic is not held to the face for 30 mins while chattering away to another person. And obviously the driver does not have to stare at the mic and concentrate on spelling out a message like texting.

Ok…I almost buy that…except we then must ban any activity which could distract you mentally while driving. Not to mention the major attention-getter of having police or emergency vehicles come up behind you with lights flashing and sirens blaring — instantly your eyes are glued to the rear-view mirror and NOT on the road…sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. All this, to prevent a type of accident which kills fewer people than lightning strikes each year. I love how people think passing more laws will somehow stop people from talking on the cell while driving.

Like the stupid comments above. The roads were better and safer when peoples eyes were up on the road. As for Rob Ford …. Mayor, police, Fire… are exempt from that cell phone law while conducting business. So stop your crying and complain about real issues, like traffic grid lock. Cell phone use while driving should be concidered as a danger to the public, as well as any type of figiting while driving, which is chargeable under the criminal code of Canada and come with an automatic licence suspension.

This would keep those drivers off the road. Yet when there is an accident because of those stupid phones our insurance rates go up!! We need to start somekind of on line petition to tell the authorities enough is enough. I think they should put more un-marked cars on our and major hwys that get the traffic, to catch these people texting and talking on their phones more.

I get upset when I see people not paying attention to the road, and leaving huge gaps of more then 4 cars inbetween them when in the fast or passing lanes. Holding up everyone, and not paying attn. I see every day at least 4 people alone everyday coming and going home each day on the If not, get the Police out there to catch them! I value my life, and family.. But of course, its the truck drivers fault for you talking on the phone.

Think before you get on the hwy! To them the fine is pocket change. Here is a an article about a distracted driving injustice; the victim was friend Joel, who was killed last year by a texting driver in North Carolina. Not quite right, is it? You can do the same. This is a great overview of Canadian legislation related to the use of hand-held electronic devices and other forms of distracted driving.

I founded an organization called Drop It And Drive in September in order to help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, ideally before a distracted driver hurts or kills someone I love. Unfortunately, in spite of my efforts our 8-year-old daughter was in a vehicle hit by a distracted driver. Most of them are just not aware of the risks they take when driving distracted or as a passenger of a distracted driver…by the end of our presentations, they are.

The United Nations and the World Health Organization just declared a decade of action for road safety running from to to address this issue. Something has to change. I will be sending this list to the local court system. To further prove this request through the police to do a transmission trace through their cell phone provider. To them the fine is pocket change……….

I think it should be a popularity vote for Alberta that is but everyone should know about it so it can be a fair vote. Looking over all provinces from east to west I agree driving down the road with your eyes looking at a keyboard of a cell phone while typing is dangerous or punching in a phone number on the cell not a good idea. But as someone said there are other distractions even putting the ashes of a cigarette in the ash tray altho it is still a distraction it is only split second so where do you draw the line.

All truckers are heavy users of CB radios I dont recall anyone going off the road using a microphone on a CB set because you dont look at the mike you look at the road. In NB they wish to ban the use of ham radio for safety sake but allow taxi drivers to use their 2 way radios. This is stupid a taxi driver driving in a conjested area likely using his 2 way radio several times is more of a hazard than any ham operator using his maybe 5 or 10 minutes every few days and like the CB user hams dont look at their microphone when using it.

I dont see this ham restriction mantioned for any other province so why NB??? I have worked in the cell phone industry and am not convinced that speaking on a cell phone is anymore dangerous than changing the CD in the stereo, watching or setting the GPS, looking after children in the back or front seat, lighting a smoke, drink of coffee, and the list goes on and on.

There are fines for speeding, not stopping completely at a stop sign, yet people do these everyday. Cell phones will not make the highways and streets any safer than they already are. Talking on a cell used with intelligence can only make our streets safer by reporting crimes and reckless drivers. My comute to work takes me 1hour and 45 minutes, whitch consists of a bus ride and TTC comute. Since the cell phone ban came into effect, I still see alot of distracted drivers on the cell phone texting and driving. We should look at increasing the fine and imposing a jail time of five to 10 days on top of it if an accident was in the equation.

Maybee then we will see a reduction in cell phone usage as well when driving. My kids grew up in the 80;s and survived quite well without them. I feel that they should be used for emergencies and emgergencies only……… while pulled off to the side of the road obviously! I am so glad I am not one of them I say increase the fines fo being caught driving while on the phone or texting A firm message needs to get out there that this will not be tolerated. Other innocent people should not have to pay for their stupidity. I do not feel comfterble knowing that my life is being held in someone elses hands.

Therefore , this is disgusting and needs to come to an end.

Urgent action is needed to fix Canada's broken cell phone market

That way people wont do it. And the second offense should be even worse.

People dont care about anything anymore thats the reality. But at the end of the day innocent people are loosing their lives everyday , for no reason at all. Put the phone down!! Do you ever think that everyone who has a phone or smart hpoine uses while they drive?

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I live in Calgary and there are nurmous people using cell phones while driving! Both men and women! There is no need to zero out women in this issue because everyone does, you know and I know! I know of incidences that one accident was casued my a young girl texting in the middle of a winter storm and rearended someone on hwy 2. Then I know another incident where a young guy was talking on his phone and stopped short and rearended another vehicle.

You take the risk into you own hands! Be smart and leave you phone in the back seat or in the glove box. Leave it alone! Plus Alberta needs to get on top of this or we are going to be last to jump on board!! Telecommunication companies need to create smart phones that will not operate in any way while the phone is moving at a speed faster than a person can walk. The law can ban the use but will it not stop users, Imagine if everyone drank and had a bottle opened at hands reach, now think about how many people have access to use the phone while driving.

I run a business and nothing is more important to me than the safety of our employees and the public. So I say to you the smart phone engineers make us a safe smart phone. The issue of the distracted driver goes way beyond the use of cell phone. I spend more than three hours a day communiting on the highways around the GTA. I have never been involve in an accident, but one day this past winter I had four near misses. Incidentally, they were all women.

Men can be just as bad. Two of them invloved people talking on the phone after the ban came into effect. One was smoking a cigarette and putting on make up.


Many drivers are distracted by food or beverages coffee!!! Legislation is not the answer. Public awareness campaigns works better. Higher insurance rates are dramatically more severe than the fines handed out under legislation.

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  3. Stricter road rules are coming soon.!

I hate to say it, but I agree with Tim Watson on this. Driving around in Calgary, the vast majority of the distracted drivers I encounter on our streets are women who are texting or reading texts while driving. I have to agree with Z. They use it on Decarie Expressway and along the Metropolitain section of Transcanada, one of the busiest and more dangerous areas for driving in Montreal. The police need to enforce it too. The mere fact that your test site is a Walmart parking lot, primarily the domain of women, skews the numbers, so of course you would see mainly women on phone.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hands Free Info. Canadian distracted driving updates December 1, by editor 39 Comments. Novice drivers face longer license suspensions. Ontario previously stiffened punishments in , and View the Ontario distracted driving news roundup. View the Quebec distracted driving news roundup. The law prohibits drivers from using handheld cell phones and texting devices.

View the New Brunswick distracted driving news roundup. View the Alberta distracted driving news roundup. Penalties were hiked in A toughening of the law bars holding, viewing or manipulating cell phones while driving. View the British Columbia distracted driving news page. Nova Scotia revised its law against texting while using a handheld device in early An overhaul of its distracted driving laws has been proposed to outlaw all handheld cell phone use while driving.

View the reports PDF Texting and cell phoning behind the wheel are among the most annoying driving habits cited by Canadians, an Automobile Association poll found. Filed Under: Canadian cell phone laws Tagged With: Comments Lee says: September 30, at 5: Al Cinamon says: July 28, at 4: March 14, at 9: Strokerace says: August 14, at 3: Marie Bastian says:

cell phone law in canada Cell phone law in canada
cell phone law in canada Cell phone law in canada
cell phone law in canada Cell phone law in canada
cell phone law in canada Cell phone law in canada
cell phone law in canada Cell phone law in canada

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