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Your phone can do everything else, so why not use it to control your TV, too?

Here, you'll see the beautiful remote button-like interface that makes this one a top pick. You can tap the button in the upper-right to set gesture controls, and once you're happy with your remote, tap the "Keep" button at the bottom.

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  • Change the remote layout.

The free version only allows you to have 1 remote saved at a time, so you'll have to buy the upgrade if you have multiple devices to control. Overall, the app is really strong but one slight negative we noticed was that sometimes the input can lag if you press the buttons too quickly.

Set up the remote control app

Otherwise, it's a really strong choice with a great UI and large range of supported devices. ASmart Remote IR is another remote app with an extremely realistic interface that may even beat out Smart IR due to its cool animation effects. Once installed, you'll choose your device type, brand, and model to set up, then you'll be presented with your remote. You can tap the arrows at the bottom to switch between interfaces keypad, playback, etc. One neat feature about this remote is the rooms feature, where you can set up remotes for multiple devices in one room and toggle between them with a few simple taps.

You can also have multiple rooms set up for the different rooms in your house and can even customize the names of the rooms and remotes, so you can easily tell what's what. This one's a great app, and while it won't work with your Wi-Fi streaming boxes, just about anything that supports IR is supported, and you can't beat the price tag free. IR Universal Remote is a cool app with lots of customization options that you can tap into to do everything from changing the colors of your buttons to changing their positions.


Best Android Remote Control Apps 2018 To Control TV, PC Or Smart Devices

Once installed, you can access the menu on the left and tap Remote Search to search for your device. Once you've got your desired remote, you can use the same menu to customize the appearance of it on the screen. One thing about this app that is a little disappointing is the inability to save multiple remotes. Also, the fullscreen ads are really likely to cut into your experience, as some play videos with sound that you can't skip. The interface itself is really fast and responsive.

The PC control function is also neat, allowing you to use your smartphone to control your PC's mouse and keyboard, which is really useful for those who use home theater PCs in their setup. Peel is the remote that typically comes pre-installed on your IR blaster-equipped Android device.

Use your phone as a remote control for Android TV

Peel is certainly no slouch, and if you don't seem to have it already, you can grab it for free. Peel is touted as a "smart remote," and it certainly does a great job of that. By inputting your cable provider, not only can you control your TV and set-top box, you can also view the channel guide and select a program right from your Android device.

Smartphones can do a lot of things these days. They give us turn-by-turn driving directions, show us the best places to eat nearby, check us in for a flight, and entertain us while we're waiting in line. But can we use them to turn on our TV or lower the volume on our stereo? The short answer: You'll need to download an app and purchase a few pieces of equipment, but using your phone as a universal remote is no longer a tech dream.

To convert your phone into a universal remote you'll need to purchase a device called an IR blaster that takes the commands you give on your phone and converts them into infrared signals. There are different devices that can do this, from pear-shaped orbs you sit on your table to covers that fit around your phone to adaptors you attach to the front of phone. Other devices send the signal directly from the equipment attached to your phone to the device you want to control.

The android device we hold is a treasure trove of possibilities and android remote control is the best thing you have to automate your devices.

To aid this, there are plenty of android remote control apps available. Simply choose the best one to control your PC, TV or smart devices. There are ingenious apps out there that turn your phone into a remote control android phone. Here are some of the best apps you can use to transform your phone into a remote control android device. You might be in a hurry to leave home and won't have enough time to turn off your PC, TV and other systems.

Do you want to keep a tab on what your kids are watching? With android remote control app , you can control remotely what happens to your smartphone, TV, and PC. With the help of the various android remote control app listed below, you can turn your phone into a remote control android phone, and you can be at ease and control all your devices with your android smartphone. FamiSafe is an app that can turn your phone into a remote control android device. It has an amazing set of features that let you control, monitor and set a timer on your PC, android phones, media center etc.

This versatile app can be used to control and keep track of what your kids are watching, how long the device is working, and also block apps and channels that you don't want your family to be exposed to.

Turn your phone into a universal remote control for home device

This app can turn your android phone into a generic remote control android device. This app provides the basic interface required to control your TV. You can connect your android device to the TV via Bluetooth or local network. This app makes a great replacement for a remote.

How to Use your Mobile Phone as a Samsung TV Remote

Peel Smart Remote, apart from being a universal remote which can be used to control your smart devices, the Peel Smart Remote also acts as a personalized TV guide. Anymote Universal remote is a great app to have if your phone comes with an IR blaster. Anymore Universal remote taps into your IR blaster option to convert your phone into a great android remote control.

You can customize your remote to unlock great features with this app. Suppported Devices: Android devices with IR blasters, Regular Android devices enables limited access. This amazing app by Xaomi doesn't really require a Xaomi phone to use it. If you have a regular android phone you can easily turn it into a remote control android phone. All you need an Android device with a built-in IR blaster.

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