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Henshin Justice Unlimited. Kamen Rider android apps? Likes Received: Does anyone know of any good apps for android phones? I have seen videos, but no links are EVER posted. And i know about the sound board, but looking for henshin belts and stuff. Zander Yurami , Apr 8, I think a gaia memory app would be totally cool.

Basically, you get a picture of a gaia memory your choice. If you tap it it plays the sound they make when you activate them e. If I could make apps I'd make one, but I can't. Ceighk , Apr 9, J-Boogie , Apr 11, Any other Kamen Rider Apps in particular? Free Trial 3.

Description Details Versions. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android 2. Masked Rider Decade version 1. Just click the green Download button above to start. Until now the program was downloaded times. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. Version History Here you can find the changelog of K-Touch: Masked Rider Decade since it was posted on our website on The latest version is 1.

Go on. I'll catch up later. Nodding slowly and concernedly, Duc slowly went towards the bathroom, his thoughts still focused on Dong's wellbeing. Hao lets out a relieved sigh, before proceeding to grab a nearby bottle of water and drinking it.

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Her co-star for the scene that had just finished, year old Le Tuan Ai affectionately called Inferno by his friends , signaled Hao to pass him the bottle of water, which she immediately obliged. Inferno was a medium-sized young man, with spiky black hair styled in a slight Mohawk-style, fair white skin, and a pair of thick, rectangular-framed glasses on his face. As if on cue, Duc approached the two, having finished reviewing the newly shot scene with his cameraman. Even though the young man was clearly tired from today's shoot, his eyes were still flared up in determination to finish the scenes for today as soon as possible.

We're going to film a scene with you after this. As Hao made her way to the crew's tent, she passed by Linh Chuon, giving her friend a solid high five for the latter's good luck. Entering the tent, Hao was soon greeted by the sight of a clearly unwell Dong slowly staggering up to his feet, his skin in a sickly tinge of blue. Duc wanted this scene to be completed today and I don't want to slow everyone down with my condition.

Don't worry, my scene for today isn't that intense, so I think I could make it even in my condition right now. Hao was left speechless by Dong's stubbornness, and before she could say anything else, the sickly young man was gone. Sighing in frustration, Hao threw herself on a nearby chair, picking up her iPhone from her pocket and scrolling through her contact list for her family doctor's number, hoping to ask his help to check on Dong later today. Duc's handmade iPhone charging case, lying idly on the same table where Hao had placed her phone.

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Looking left, right, and behind her, Hao made sure that no-one's there to see her. Hao then proceeded to activate the case by pressing a small yellow button located on the back of the case. But much to Hao's shock, instead of the usual battery charging screen, Hao's iPhone displayed a green download screen the moment the case was activated, with a yellow process bar. The words " Downloading Cyber Interface Application: And before Hao could do anything else, the process bar immediately filled itself up, completing the download process.

Suddenly, after a few seconds of silence, Hao's iPhone whirred back to life once again, this time displaying Cyber's silver visage. Is that you? Immediately Hao shrieked out in shock, throwing her phone to the table as she backed away from it. It's my phone…the only thing that is related to Duc is this charging case that I'm borrowing from him to charge my phone. This charging case was created by Duc in order to integrate myself with his phone…but unfortunately since you used it first, I ended up installing myself in your phone.

May I know your name? I swear to God I have no intention to…". Duc had designed it so that he could carry me around with him. First of all, it was an accident. Secondly, you two are close friends, right? I'm pretty sure Duc will let you off the hook because you're one of his close friends…hopefully. The guy usually shared some details or two about his inventions to us, but he never told us that he had an artificial intelligence as his assistant. Of course he was amazed by my existence…never before someone had found a fully functional artificial intelligence system just lying around on the World Wide Web like that.

And soon enough, he decided to enlist my help in improving his inventions, as at that time his creations were…kinda mediocre, if I can say. In return, Duc provided me with the perfect save haven for me to thrive. He also allowed me to integrate myself with his inventions, thus making them more effective and functional.

Why Duc has been able to create such high quality movie for his YouTube channel in such short notice? If he could nod, Cyber would have done so, " You're right. Duc and I edited the scenes that he had taken and joined them with the perfect timings, effects, and background music. And it's all thanks to my efforts. Cyber lets out a sigh, " Yeah, true.

Duc was the director, you guys were the actors, and I'm a mere program that Duc used to create his movies. But my purpose doesn't stop there yet. The company had heard about Duc's genius and his works with me, and they offered us an internship there. Artificial intelligence. The company was interested in both Duc and myself and seek to have us among their ranks, and considering that this is a rising international company with decent payment here…naturally we accepted Digi's offer.

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They asked Duc to create this iPhone battery charging case in order for me to install myself inside Duc's iPhone…for the selection process. Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by screams coming out from outside the tent. Carrying Cyber with her, Hao ran out of the tent and immediately her eyes were feasted with a sight out of a horror film. The park was in a complete mess, trees snapped into two everywhere, patches of grass were torn out of the ground, while the SVM Mi Tom crew members, who were just filming a few minutes ago, were all now sprawled on the ground, nursing bruises and cuts.

The filming equipment that the crew were carrying were also damaged, scattered across the ground. As Hao tried to comprehend the situation around her, she notices Linh Chuon lying on the ground nearby, badly bruised with her clothes torn up in various places.

Linh Chuon weakly pointed behind Hao, gesturing her friend to turn around. Looking behind her, Hao was taken by shock by what she saw. Dong, his body now radiating blue energy, was on an inhuman rampage, throwing an assortment of objects around him, before picking up several stones and chucking them at Duc, who was trying his best in calming his friend down.

Seconds afterwards Dong's entire body was overtaken by blue glowing pixels, which disintegrated seconds afterwards to reveal a monstrous being in Dong's place. The being was humanoid in shape and was based on a golem, standing proud and tall with a hulking, muscular figure. White was the being's predominant color, with blue lines adorning the ankles, wrists, shins, thighs and arms, while the being's face was dark brown in color with a black kippah Jewish headpiece on top of his head. Adding more to the being's overall Israeli theme were the shoulder pads that were made to resemble the famous Dome of the Rock of Jerusalem, even sharing the same gold-and-blue color scheme.

On the being's chest was the Star of David, emblazoned proudly in blue, while blue loincloths hung from the being's waist. The being's fists were slightly oversized for the being's proportion, with Hebrew inscriptions written all over it, while the being's black eyes were devoid of any soul or emotion.

Jerusalem, to be exact. The newly awakened Jerusalem Malware lets out a roar, launching a punch towards Duc that the young man easily rolled away from. The tree standing Duc was not so fortunate though, as it was overtaken by a blue glow the moment Jerusalem's fist touched it, the tree inflating in size for a few seconds before exploding into blue binary codes that were absorbed by Jerusalem's body. Jerusalem's fists began to glow blue, the Hebrew inscriptions on them slowly floating up from his skin before curling themselves into a pair of blue energy balls.

As Duc ran away from the Malware, the kaijin aimed his fists at the fleeing young man, before letting out a deep growl as he unleashes the energy balls at Duc. Quickly Duc performed a front-flip, avoiding the first energy ball that disintegrated the grass beneath Duc's feet, before the young man made a graceful yet hasty landing.

Seeing a nearby tree, Duc made his way towards it, nimbly going around the tree before the second energy ball made impact with it seconds afterwards, the tree in question being reduced into data as a result. One wrong step, and it could be him that was digitized into the Malware's body. Duc looked up to see Hao gesturing him to come towards a nearby tree that she's hiding behind at. Seeing that Jerusalem has resorted to randomly firing his energy balls at the surroundings, Duc quickly went towards Hao's hiding place, where he could hopefully catch his breath from what's going on right now.

I didn't know that it'll install your digital assistant thing into my phone…". So, as far as we know, your friend has been infected by a Malware, I've ended up inside your other friend's phone, and now she must save her friend as a Kamen Rider. Something about them told Duc that everything that has happened to them wasn't completely Hao's fault, and that she was being pushed into the situation against her will.

Letting out yet another sigh, Duc clenched his fists, a new determination burning inside the young man. But it's okay…it's my fault for being careless and you're just in the wrong place in the wrong time. Now here's the deal. Our friend Dong…he has been infected by a Malware.

Did Cyber told you what a Malware is? These things usually infect computers and software only, but for some reason they decided to infect people in real life as well," Duc continued, "Digi has approached me and offered me an internship there…an internship to save the world from these Malwares. Which is why…I'm asking you to do this, Hao. Will you…fight as a Kamen Rider in my place? Hao went silent, her mind processing what Duc and Cyber had told her.

All throughout her life, Hao considered herself a normal young woman, a normal university student, with the side job of being a YouTube actress. But becoming a superhero that could save the world from bizarre monsters that took over the bodies of people around her? That was just too much for Hao. Immediately after hearing that Duc shook his head slowly in dismay, Cyber letting out an inaudible sigh as well.

Why are you giving it to me, someone who still has no clue on what's going on right now? Why can't you, as someone with more experience with this, burden this responsibility and fight these Mal-whatever-it is by yourself? Why can you and Cyber just work together like you're supposed to do?

Kamen Rider W iPhone Case

Cyber's eyes went wide in shock as Hao clutched her right cheek in pain. Duc, in the other hand, had a determined and angry look on his face, having slapped Hao with all of his might just seconds ago. And I mean our as in you and me, not just me. If I could uninstall Cyber from your phone and install it at mine, I would do that right now, but I can't. Even if I plug my phone into that charging case in your hand, it wouldn't do jack shit, it'll be just another normal iPhone charging case.

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But if your phone's plugged in there…you'll be able to unlock Cyber's full potential. Long story short, you're going to fight as Kamen Rider, whether you like it or not. Still rubbing her cheek in pain, Hao looked at Duc straight in the eye, a slight glare coming off from the former. But do it for Dong's sake. He's our friend for fuck's sake! Don't you care about him?!

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But for the time being, I want you to fight. Cyber and I will guide you from here, so don't worry. Now, do you want to have Dong back or not?! Hao sank herself in her thoughts after hearing that, her mind still struggling between refusing her new responsibilities altogether and her friendship with Dong.

With Jerusalem still rampaging in the area, Hao could sense Dong trying futilely to gain control of his actions, with the Malware infecting him having completely taken over both his actions and his body. Sighing rather reluctantly, Hao turned her attention towards Cyber, "You'll help me out there, right? That should bring you back to your usual home screen. Don't worry, Cyber has his own app installed in your phone, he'll show up again when you open it. Other than that, he'll work in the background. Hao reluctantly obliged, pressing her iPhone's home button which caused Cyber's visage to disappear completely, being replaced with Hao's home screen.

However, an icon resembling Cyber's face was present amongst the many apps displayed on the screen. A small, dark green, box-shaped container was present on Hao's right hip, while a small, SD Card slot, also colored dark green, was present on the left hip. Completing the belt's look was a vertical slot on its center, acting as the belt's buckle, with the slot being large enough for Cyber's iPhone charging case to fit inside.

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A continuous techno remix standby tune was played out from the belt, an indicator that the belt was now ready to be used. Can't be a Kamen Rider without that, can you? After that, just place your phone into the buckle slot and let Cyber do the rest. Immediately Hao did what Duc told him to do, placing her iPhone in front of her as she took a deep breath, her eyes closing up slowly.

Her inner doubts started to act up again, a part of Hao wanted her to back out of this in the last second. But her desire to save Dong from whatever's taking over him soon prevailed, knowing that as crazy as it seems, this was the only way to save Dong. Hao quickly slotted her iPhone onto the slot on the Cyber Driver's buckle, clicking it onto place and causing Cyber's face to disappear from her iPhone screen altogether, being replaced with an entirely green screen with a yellow download progress bar. And with that, a green rectangular projection shot out from Hao's iPhone screen, the projection having a blueprint image of a knight-themed armored warrior on it.

The projection slowly moved towards Hao, before it disintegrated into green pixels that attached themselves onto Hao's body, forming a suit of armor around her. Hao's armored form resembled that of a medieval knight, wearing a dark green bodysuit with metallic armor of the same coloring with silver accents encasing the shins and wrists.

The armor's boots were yellow in color, so were the kneepads and the shoulder armors, the latter having a mix of silver and dark green accents. Silver skirt armor with yellow accents protected the waist region, with the ones covering the hips protecting both the container and the SD Card slot on the Cyber Driver.

The chest armor was yellow in color, split in half in the middle by a glowing green orb-shaped crystal with an image of a knight's helmet emblazoned in black inside it. The medieval theme was also present on the armor's helmet, which has its black mouth-guard retracted to the armor's chin region while the helmet's silver and green-accented visor was retracted upwards, exposing Cyber's familiar face for the world to see.

The helmet itself was colored dark green, with yellow lines on the forehead and a pair of yellow, wing-like protrusions that protected the helmet's ear region. As a final touch, the visor had a single horn on its center, giving off a rhinoceros-like impression. An amazed smile made itself known on Duc's face upon seeing Hao's armored form, a feeling of somewhat satisfaction spreading throughout the young man.

A speechless Hao checked out her armor in both amazement and disbelief, her eyes checking out the armoring on her shoulders and wrists as her hands clenched themselves into fists repeatedly in order to adjust herself to her new armor. Now let's go save Dong! Immediately Hao charged into battle, blindsiding the still rampaging Jerusalem with a straight jab to the kaijin's back.

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Clearly surprised by that attack, Jerusalem stumbled back, his black eyes billowing in anger.

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kamen rider fourze driver iphone app Kamen rider fourze driver iphone app
kamen rider fourze driver iphone app Kamen rider fourze driver iphone app

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